Your resume, only better

VisualCV has revolutionized the resume forever by radically improving the ways in which resume data is presented, accessed and shared. VisualCV is the best online resume. With a new VisualCV (curriculum vitae, aka resume) you can now:

  • Build and manage a more engaging Internet based resume.
  • Combine audio, video and a digital career portfolio – all on a single Web page.
  • Securely share professional qualifications with your customers, partners, employers and colleagues.
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Add A Competitive New Component To Your Resume. You.

Think of your VisualCV as a professional “show and tell” for the 21st century. It brings you, your skills and background to 3-dimensional life with video, images, and examples of your work.

See And Be Seen (Or Not)

Your VisualCV Online Resume enables you to control and track exactly who gets to view what, when and how. Now you can:

  • Create multiple VisualCVs, each with a unique purpose and secure privacy setting.
  • Share information publicly or privately.
  • Send or post your unique URL.
  • Choose to show personal information (or not).

Upgrade Your Job Search. Upgrade Your Job.

Your VisualCV puts you in complete control of which jobs, employers and recruiters you pursue. You can now:

  • Send a link to employers, recruiters and colleagues.
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